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Let's Get Summer Freaky OUT NOW

Hi everyone I hope you all had a great week. Thank you everyone who listened, reposted & favorited my set BAD GIRLS. It looks like you all enjoyed it you all made it number 2,5,8 in various charts. So A Big BIG Thank You love you all.

OK Let’s still stay with summer and let’s get freaky on the summer dance floor. This set will get you freaky dancing on that summer dance floor great tracks great memories all round. So crank up the volume and get ready for LET’S GET SUMMER FREAKY.

If your really enjoying these shows CHECK me on SELECT. There are already 3 exclusive shows out Ep 1 Tech House Ep 2 Soulful House and one on the way this Saturday Minimal House & more to come. Thank You Look Forward To You Joining.

Thank You Everyone For Your Great Support. DJ English

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