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Dj English grew up in London, England during an EPIC era in time in regards to the music industry. Listening to BBC Radio 1 DJ’s, particularly Noel Edmonds and Tony Blackburn, was how DJ English began to grow passion for music. The PASSION in the LATE 80S grew to Working in clubs Like Cheeky Petes in Surry England in the 90s & Wednesday’s Bracknell Berkshire. that all turned into drive and a permanent dedication to produce AMAZING music for people to relish.


DJ English is now living in Los Angeles, California. With his 40 years of experience, DJ English is living the dream as a TOP CHARTED DJ. He Mostly worked on SEVERAL projects including his own shows on Ibiza Live Radio, Ibiza and Chill Lover Radio, New York And HBRS UK & Big Gigs in Hollywood In addition, DJ English continues to COMMIT his love and dedication to music with weekly shows on Mixcloud & exclusive shows on Mixcloud Select & NOW Live On House Music Radio.


DJ English has developed a unique FLAIR of production that expands throughout all genres including EVERYTHING HOUSE.


DJ English’s COMPASSION for the music lovers will only PRIME him to perform at the same caliber as World known DJ’s such Harwell, Guetta and Tiesto.

DJ English has been a lifelong supporter of CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB, growing up down the street from Stamford Bridge stadium, he spent many Saturday afternoons as a youth cheering for his blues.

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